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Our Interview With Featured Candidate Ruben Romero

We featured our very first issue with a very inspiring and talented young man with a great story of passion, hard work, and dedication.

We feel his story will motivate and spark a fire within people that know the feeling of never giving up on your dream no matter how far it may be from reality.

Ruben Romero was born in 1984 with a passion to succeed.  He graduated at the age of 17 from Parkview Baptist High School in Houston Tx.  He then furthered his education attending Media Tech. Institute in 2003, and became a certified Audio Engineer.  Shortly after that, he attended Anthem University online, and received his Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a GPA of 3.334 in 2010.  He then studied to become a licensed Private Investigator with Central Investigations & Security Solutions.  Not long after that he decided to sharpen his technical skills and enrolled in hands-on Tv production & Live broadcasting classes at a local cable Tv station (Houston Media Source).  He completed several classes there such as Lighting & Sound Techniques, Advanced Camera & Tv Production, Live Broadcasting, Editing, and Media Literacy.  He then became a certified Tv producer for HMSTV leading him to work on his own Tv show and projects.  Since then he has held different positions such as Graphic Designer, Website Designer, Studio Manager, Photographer, Marketing & Advertising, and Creative Director.  He has had the opportunity to work with several magazines, websites, blogs, Tv shows, & companies.

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